Natural Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Mostly the dark circles under the eyes considered as a sign of late nights and lack of sleep. The main cause of these dark circles such as include blamed on stress, too much sun, too little sleep, menstrual disorders, kidney dysfunction. When you will eat too many fried, frozen and canned foods, that may also cause dark circles under the eyes. If you are a smoker or suffer from some allergies, then it may cause circles under the eyes worse. Dark circles under the eyes are common but not permanent. Mostly dark circles under eyes are occurred due to temporary changes in the blood vessels under the eyes. Dark circles under eye may lead to the chronic skin condition that is known as atopic eczema.

Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

If you have some conditions that causes your eyes to itch can also cause to darker circles. Because when you are itching, rubbing or scratching the skin, the it may cause darken the skin. Some food allergies can also cause the area under the eyes to appear darker.
If your diet have lack of nutrients or the lack of a balance diet, then it may also contribute to the discoloration of the area under the eyes.

Dark circles under eyes (dark eye circles) may also caused by lack of sleep, fatigue or some deficiency. Due to aging which thins the skin around the eyes and it may cause to dark circles under eyes.

Do not leave cream on the skin around the eyes for long periods. Because it may also cause dark circles under the eyes.
Dark circles under eye are often due to skin dehydration.

The area directly under the eyes is related to kidneys, so the presence of dark circles indicates weakness or problem in the kidney.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes
You should drink at least ten glasses of water daily.
You should eat vegetables and fruits, that contains vitamin A.

You can also remove dark Circles under eyes by applying peeled and grated potato overnight at least three times a week.
You should massage your eyes with almond oil. Massage your eyes at bedtime daily, and in two weeks you will see the difference.

You can also remove dark circles by applying the mixture of tomato and lime juice after washing your face in the morning and then wash after half an hour.

For cooling effect to eyes, you can also applied the paste of the herb nutmeg (Jaiphala) made with milk around the eyes and over the eyelids.

If you want to remove dark circles under eyes, then first extract potato juice and cucumber juice in equal amounts. Soak cotton wool in this and apply around the eyes. It will remove dark circles and refreshes your eyes.

The best overall eye tonic for under eyes dark circles cure is eyebright. Make a tea of it and either use the tea bags or soak cotton balls or soft gauze in the tea and apply to eyes as a compress while lying down.

When you are going out in sun, then use sunglasses to protect the eyes from the harmful rays.
You can also apply crushed mint leaves under the eyes for 20 minutes.


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