Facial Skin Care: What More Can We Do For It

facial skin care

Someone rightly said ‘Face is the index of mind’. Though the context of the usage of the term might be different, it certainly is applicable universally. For a healthy mind, we need to have a healthy face. Facial skin care thus is an important aspect of letting the world knows that we have a healthy mind.

For a patient to go through facial skin care, it is advisable that such patients go to a dermatologist and consult them. Upon the consultation only, a patient should go for facial skin care topical drugs such as Vaniqa or some other drug. However, it is difficult to pinpoint the absolute tool which will help a patient do facial skin care. There are a number of facial skin care products which claim to solve a problem or the other. A dermatologist is a right person who can guide a patient to give him or her expert advice on whether to use the drug or not.

In addition to the use of topical drugs such as Vaniqa, a patient may also follow the following regimen.

  1. Keeping facial area dust and dirt free and cleansing the skin area.
  2. Take cover against harmful UV rays from sunlight.
  3. Applying appropriate moisturizer to the skin area according to the skin type.
  4. Intake of a balanced diet, fruits, and vegetables.
  5. Drinking enough water to counterbalance sweating and to increase blood circulation.
  6. Usage of mild soap or only mild warm water while cleaning the face.
  7. Frequent cleansing of face to ward off dirt and moisture from the skin area.
  8. To remove makeup, a user can apply olive oil on the skin.
  9. A mixture of aspirin, vinegar, and water can be applied to ward off aging effects on the skin.
  10. Sliced potatoes or Cucumber may help you get out of swollen or puffy eyes.

The above facial skin care tips would certainly help an individual get glowing and healthy facial skin. In case a patient has advised skin care drugs such as Vaniqa, one should seek the help of internet while going for its purchase. To buy and order these online, means availing these drugs from anywhere anytime and with many rebates and discount offers. Yes, facial skin cares should be taken but with a consultation of a dermatologist.


Facial skin care is extremely necessary so that the face skin glows every day. It is also necessary to retard the skin aging process. Topical treatments such as Vaniqa are available to do it but the application of these creams should not be done without consultation of a dermatologist. To order and buy them online drug stores should be considered as these stores hand out many discounts.


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