Do's and Dont's for Acne Prone Skin

Generally, teenagers having acne prone skin adopt several 'forbidden' practices which aggravates the skin condition further. There are some do's and dont's for people affected by acne vulgaris. They need to take proper skin care.


Acne prone skin ones should not scrub when they have pimples on their face. Scrubbing can render your acne condition into a worse one. Scrubbers are usually made up of viscous materials with tiny granules which affects the skin.

Once you get rid of acne, your face is prone to have a few (or more) stubborn scars and marks. In this case, scrubbers are recommended by a specialist as scrubbing effectively help out in removing those stubborn scars and stains.

Oil-free products

Use only oil-free makeup, sunscreen, and other skincare products that will not clog your pores.

Toner or Astringent

Astringent is specially designed to control excessive oil from the skin. So absolutely its best for oily skin. Excessive oil secretion lead to a number of acne breakouts. To prevents acne, it’s essential to control excessive oil.

Depending upon the ingredient of toner it helps to reduce excessive oil, hydrate your skin, and helps to fight with blemishes and scars.

Apply toner to cotton balls and gently smooth over face and neck. Let your face dry for some seconds.

Toner is really important for acne porn or oily skin, as all the acne curing medication comprising of such ingredients which might be dried out your skin or can absorb the all-natural moisture from the skin.

So, in this case, toner helps to keep your skin hydrated. In case of dry, sensitive and acne prone skin make sure that your toner and astringent are free from alcohol. As alcohol can irritate the sensitive skin. Be aware that even if your skin isn't incredibly dry or sensitive, alcohol-based toners can sting open pimples.

Apply acne treatment medication

Acne is a serious and long-lasting disease. In the initial stages if acne can be treated properly it will never let your skin into really problematic conditions. Use the lotion or gel that contains benzoyl peroxide. Start with a small amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and increase the strength as needed. Benzoyl peroxide works well for acne.

Those lotion and gels are highly recommended which have salicylic acid as an important ingredient.

One must take an appointment with the dermatologist, and follow their prescriptions.

Apply anoil-free moisture

It's a really an old myth about acne porn or for oily skin, that these types of skin don't have any need of moisturizer. Number of facts have been proved that there is nothing true about that myth. Oily skin needs moisturizing every day as other types of skin needs regularly.

Acne medication can dry out the skin, leaving it thirsty for moisture. You don't have any need to apply the greasy layers and heavy moistures full of oil. Oily skin needs to be moisturized twice a day with a light moisturizer. Gel-based moisturizer gets easily absorbed in oily skin and won't aggravate acne.

Sun protection

In case of acne medication, your skin gets more susceptible toward the sun damage (photo-sensitivity)

Here again, there are plenty of sunscreens are available with different features. Gel-based, water-based, cream-based and lotion-based sunblock and sunscreen are easily available.

Gel-based and water-based sunscreens are comparatively lightweight and skin can easily absorb these.

Some last words, but not the least!

Consistency is the key to success

There is no need to invest in a highly expensive brand for your acne treatment. The most important step in your skin care routine which will eventually help you out is consistency.

Follow every step daily with a great heart. It might take longer than normal, but results will be everlasting.