7 Common Myths about Skincare: Busted

Do you know there was time toothpaste was widely used to treat acne and pimples? Well, some people probably still think that! Not only is it ineffective, but it may cause more harm than good. Myths are a part of society and that stems from people passing along unverified claims. In today’s world, thanks to the power of the Internet, many more skin care myths are all over the place. In this post, seven common skincare myths will be busted!

#1 Skin pores open and close

This idea is the justification for steaming the skin. Skin pores do not have muscles to allow them to expand or contract. Technically speaking, the pores are always open. However, these pores get blocked by debris and dirt. Although steam can help increase the moisture level in the air, which is great for your skin, it doesn’t help to open your pores - they’re already opened!

#2 You’re Free from Sun damage once you’re past 18

While we were kids, most of us loved playing outside. Sure enough, we were constantly exposed to UV light from the sun. As we grow older, we’re more likely to spend more time indoors. However, sun damage does not stop beyond the supposed ‘magic age’ of 18. According to research, 23 percent of sun damage is done before we clock 18. After that, about 10 percent of the damage is done every decade.

#3 You cannot over-exfoliate

We lose over 40 million dead skin cells in a day. Exfoliating helps to remove dead cells that might have stuck to our skin. Some even suggest that the harder you exfoliate, the better. Scrubbing too hard or too frequently can damage the skin. How frequently should you then exfoliate? It’s dependent on your skin. That’s why you have to study your skin and experiment to find out what works best for you. Ultimately, over-exfoliating strips away essential moisture from your skin, making it more susceptible to infection and wrinkles.

#4 Natural Skin Care Products are Always Better Other Skincare Products

In today’s world, we’re crazed about natural products and the myriad of promises they make. However, let us not be hasty to generalize. For one, the best skincare product for your skin is dependent on your skin type and personal preference. Even many so-called ‘natural products’ in the market contain inorganic preservatives. However, if you insist on going organic, make sure to check the expiry date because they don’t last like other alternatives.

#5 You Don’t Need to Apply Sunscreen when it’s cloudy

The UV light emitted by the sun is beyond the visible spectrum of the human eye. Even when it’s not sunny there is UV light in the atmosphere that you want to protect your skin from. That’s why you should wear sunscreen every day. SPF 30 is an optimal choice. By the way, another common myth around sunscreen is that you have to apply it 15 minutes before going outside to make it effective. The truth is following this guideline does not produce any noticeable difference.

#6 Mineral oil is bad for the skin

Industry-type mineral oil used on the skin in the past was, indeed, bad. However, today’s cosmeceutical mineral oils are carefully formulated to be benign. Mineral oil is an effective skin moisturizer that will make your skin feel and look smooth.

#7 Wearing Makeup Regularly Makes You Age Faster

As long as you properly remove your makeup daily and consistently keep up with your skin care routine, you have nothing to worry about. Many makeup products even nourish and improve the skin while wearing them. However, if you don’t wash them off properly, the dirt and toxins that accumulate on your face are actually what might cause aging.

If your skin is really important to you and if you desire a radiant, smooth and beautiful skin, make sure you verify any skincare tip before you implement it.